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If a business has to survive on an international scale, then a proper and robust policy is the need of the hour. This policy is to be governed by the company’s desire to diversify its interests across the national and international. This is the same line of thought taken into account by countries like India, China, Brazil, etc. Among these countries, India holds a special position as despite the global slowdown, India has grown with the average GDP growth rate of 8.5%. That said, this growth relies on foreign investment and with a myriad of compliance to go through. As a result, foreign investors can get a bit demoralized from investing in India as they have to employ the aid of varying experts to get the compliances done properly.

Therefore, the primary need of the hour is to provide every compliance solution within a single roof. This motto of “all solution, one provider” is the very core of GVSD. We ensure that every compliance is provided in the most streamlined and hassle free manner so that aspirants of business expansion can do so in a smooth manner. Our team of chartered accountants ensure that the clients can avail a smooth operation for their business. Quality over everything is the mantra of these experts and the aim is towards provide nothing short of quality services to the offshore clients to are looking forward to setup their business in India.










Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our services and their answers. As time goes on, these questions shall become more, and more answers will arrive as well.

A company has to follow certain rules and regulations in order to preserve it legal standing in front of the law. Through compliance auditing, this fact is inspected upon and a report is generated to prove that the company is follow through all of the mentioned laws. This report should be served to the proper authorities on an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis.

Through taxation services, our job is two-fold:

  1. To assist you with filing annual returns.
  2. To make you aware of the changes in the taxation regime and advise upon whether it is good for your business or not.

With both of these services, we provide you with day to day reporting about reducing attribution taxes, reducing costs etc. All of these measures are taken so that taxes can be handled correctly.

Internal audit is done in order to enhance the internal workings of a company. Through this audit, a report is generated that specifies the current state of internal workings of the company. This report can then tell the owners and the auditors regarding the risk evaluation, accuracy in financial collaterals, and other matters.



Gaurav Bansal

I am a Chartered Accountant by profession, but have a unique and intense technological outlook on the matters of legal, and engineering facets. Therefore, I have also pursued digital marketing, software development and other endeavors in in order to provide complete solutions to start-up aspirants, medical treatment seekers, and global institutions.

Gaurav Bansal


Sachin Chawla

Sachin Chawla: B. Com, DISA and fellow member of the institute of chartered accountant of India. He has experience of IS audit of banks, circulation audit conducted for Audit bureau of Circulation and various taxation matters and other statutory audit.

Sachin Chawla


Varun Chawla

Varun Chawla: B. Com and fellow member of the institute of chartered accountant of India. He posses the rich experience in audit and taxation filed. He has multiple exposure of different statutory and internal audits of listed and public companies. He has also written many articles and blogs over GST laws.

Varun Chawla

B. Com

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